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The Forester Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar – La Sorcière Capillaire

  • The perfect shampoo bar to get rid of dandruff!
    All the ingredients have been carefully selected for their anti-dandruff, purifying, and moisturizing properties. Neem reduces dandruff and treats lice. Tea tree, aloe vera and green myrtle heal, soothe and purify the scalp. Olive and hemp oils soften, hydrate the scalp, and fight against the rapid return of dandruff. Peppermint essential oils provide a pleasant fresh feeling and a charming minty scent during your shower.
    Handmade with love in Quebec (Canada)
  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from non-ethoxylated coconut oil), rosemary extracts, horsetail, sage and burdock, tea tree and holy basil hydrosols, aloe vera juice, green tea, mint extract sweet, coconut glucoside (natural derivative of coconut oil), powders of neem, moringa, ginkgo biloba, nettle and holy basil, organic vegetable oils of olive, black seed, walnut neem, organic hemp, organic avocado and tamanu (calophyllum hinophyll), lactic acid (fermented corn sugar, does not contain milk), vitamin E, essential oils of tea-tree, green myrtle, noble laurel, eucalyptus globulus, peppermint and cade, Love.
  • Hold the shampoo bar in the palm of one hand and apply it directly to your wet hair to create a gentle lather. Massage into your hair and scalp. Store it outside of the shower on a soap dish, ideally one with holes, to let it dry after use.