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Red Mocha Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair – La Sorcière Capillaire

  • The perfect shampoo bar to fight against oily hair and stimulate hair growth! They are made based on a formula with a blend of natural ingredients with different proprieties.


    • Red clay, nutgrass and iris powder prevent the hair from becoming greasy again.
    • Shikakai and holy basil powders fight dandruff.
    • Black tea, rosemary, nettle, sage, burdock and horsetail nourish and keep your hair firmly rooted to the scalp
    • The essential oils of holy basil, cloves and ginger give a charming spicy smell to the shampoo.

    Ideal shampoo for chestnut and brown hair. Not recommended for platinum blonde hair.
    Handmade with love in Quebec (Canada)
  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from non-ethoxylated coconut oil), Chai black tea, Extracts of rosemary, sage, horsetail, nettle and burdock, Red clay, Jojoba and macadamia nut vegetable oils, Coconut glucoside (natural derivative of coconut oil), Apple cider vinegar, Tigernuts, shikakai, iris and holy basil powders, Lactic acid (fermented corn sugar, does not contain milk) , Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, Essential oils of ginger and clove, Love.
  • Hold the shampoo bar in the palm of one hand and apply it directly to your wet hair to create a gentle lather. Massage into your hair and scalp. Store it outside of the shower on a soap dish, ideally one with holes, to let it dry after use.