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Zayat Aroma

Organic Helichrysum Immortal Essential Oil

  • This precious essential oil is known since antiquity. It is of unrivalled power and its anti-hematoma, anti-inflammatory, antiphlébitique and antispasmodic properties make it a must-have essential oil in the family aid kit. The flowers of the helichrysum never fade hence the name of Immortal.
  • Helichrysum italicum Essential oil
  • For use on skin: In case of bruises or hematomas, apply directly to the affected area 1 to 3 drops per day. For massages or for sensitive skins, dilute this essential oil in a plant oil before use.
    • Bruises, hematomas, edemas
    • Inflammatory condidtions
    • Circulatory disorders

    Warning : Keep away from children, ambient air, heat, and light.
    Do not use for pregnant women or children less than 12 months old.

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