Zayat Aroma

Organic Cinnamon Ceylon (bark) Essential Oil

  • This essential oil has a powerful anti-infectious and antifungal action. It is also known for stimulating gastrointestinal and respiratory activities.
  • Cinnamon Ceylon bark (Cinnamomum verum) Essential oil
  • Oral: 1 Drop 3 times/day on a piece of sugar or a neutral tablet.
    For absorption through skin: To be diluted to 5% in a plant oil solution.
    For atmospheric diffusion.
    Indications :
    • Digestive conditions
    • Physical Fatigue, drowsiness

    Warning : Keep away from children, ambient air, heat, and light.
    Do not apply pure on the skin but diluted in plant oil.
    Do not use for pregnant women or children less than 7 years old.

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