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Solid Shampoo for normal hair - Scotch pine


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  • This vegan and sulfate-free shampoo bar is handmade in France, in the hinterland of Nice. With its 100% natural composition, it does not pollute and lasts as long as 2 bottles of liquid shampoo. It is intended for normal hair and has a light Scotch pine fragrance.
  • Sodium cocoyl isethioniate, kaolin, stearic acid, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil *, coconut fatty acid, aqua, Montmorillonite, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, sodium isethionate, glycerin *, Pinus sylvestris leaf oil *, Limonen (oil component Essential)

    *Certified Organic
  • Hold the shampoo bar in the palm of one hand and apply it directly to your wet hair to create a delightful, creamy lather. Massage into your hair and scalp, and then rinse your hair thoroughly. Store it outside of the shower on a soap dish, ideally one with holes, to let it dry after use.