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Green Clay

  • Green clay is suitable for every skin and hair type. It absorbs impurities and regulates sebum production. It is especially recommended for normal to combination-oily skins and oily hair. It is known for its regenerating, mineralizing, and revitalizing properties.
    Perfect for:
    • Normal to combination-oily skin
    • Oily hair
  • Green clay
  • On Skin: Use as a mask. Steps: Prepare a smooth paste by mixing two portions of clay with one portion of warm water. Use your fingers to spread a thin layer evenly over your skin. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Let the mask sit on your face until it is dry. Avoid laughing or smiling. Remove the clay with a damp cloth with hot water. Pat your face dry gently with a clean towel after rinsing it. For hair, apply in the same way as on the skin. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.