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November 06, 2020 6 min read

At L'Atelier Candide, we promote well-being and work to provide you with the best for your body. Take advantage of the holiday season to offer your loved ones a moment of self care.

Discover our selection of 20 items, perfect for those cocooning moments

1. The new BKIND hand balms - $ 24

For perfectly soft, smooth and young hands!

BKIND hand balms slow down the aging of the skin while improving its texture thanks to their nourishing, softening and repairing properties.

Note that the packaging of BKIND's hand balms is made from plastic collected from the ocean shores.

Mandarin & Grapefruit, Rosemary & Lemon, Balsam fir, pine and cedar, Rose & Geranium

(packaging made of plastic collected on the ocean shores)


See in store: BKIND hand balms

2. Happy Natural Products Roller and Gua Sha Set - $ 60

Be original this year and introduce a loved one to the benefits of gua sha. The set contains a roller as well as a quality gua sha stone which is the perfect introductory kit to gua sha massage.

The set is offered in rose quartz  & jade


See in store: Set Roller and Gua Sha Happy Natural Products

3. Face Care Set - Prickly Pear Oil from Belle & Candide - $ 95

The face set with prickly pear oil is a luxurious face duo with exceptional power in the fight against skin aging.

The Enzyme Facial scrub is suitable for all skin types and offers exfoliation without attacking the skin while limiting the sensations of tightness.

The Jojoba and Prickly Pear Facial Serum is rich in antioxidants, which helps maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin while nourishing it to prevent aging.

The set contains: Enzyme Facial Scrub & Jojoba + Prickly Pear Facial Serum

See in shop: Face Set with Prickly Pear Oil by Belle & Candide

4. BKIND nail polishes - Collection winter 2020 - $ 16

Go for BKIND nail polishes! Apply easily, dry quickly and leave your nails with a luminous finish worthy of a professional manicure.

Available in several original shades, BKIND nail polish is vegan and cruelty-free.


See in store: BKIND nail polishes

5. Kaia Naturals Overnight Dry Shampoos - $ 32

For those days when you really don't have time.

Absorb dirt, odors and sweat while you sleep. Formulated with detoxifying charcoal. It is tinted so it does not leave marks on the hair.

Dry shampoo is a must have for anyone with a busy lifestyle. This nighttime formula is not only original but very practical, and will certainly appeal to many!

For Blonde & For Brunette


See in store: Kaia Naturals dry overnight shampoos

6. Eco Lips tinted lip balms - $ 6.99

Give your lips a glamorous look while giving them complete hydration.

Are you lacking inspiration? No problem, who doesn't need a quality lip balm to get through the winter! Eco Lips tinted lip balms moisturize lips while leaving a light tint. Perfect for work, parties or for a makeover at anytime of the day!

See in store: the complete selection of tinted lip balms

7. Shampoo bars - between $ 15.95 and $ 22

The trendy gift of the moment!

Reduce your ecological footprint one shampoo at a time! Easy to incorporate into a beauty routine, shampoo bars and conditioners are the perfect gift to introduce a loved one to the world of natural beauty.


See in store: complete selection of shampoo bars

We offer bar shampoos from: BKIND, La sorcière capillaireand Lamazuna

8. Belle & Candide Milk Bath Gift Set - $ 55

When the temperatures drop and the cold sets in, there's nothing better than a warm moment of relaxation at home.

In addition to providing relaxation and well-being, milk baths hydrate and soften the skin while exfoliating the skin thanks to the lactic acid naturally present in the milk.

The set of 3 bath milks contains: Sugar & Spices, Lavender & Hibiscus and Eucalyptus & Lime

See in shop: Belle & Candide bath milk set

9. Basd Coffee Body Scrub - $ 19.99

Body scrub made from ground organic coffee and natural vegetable oils.

Often overlooked, body exfoliation in winter is key to maintaining hydrated, healthy-looking skin. This body scrub leaves skin feeling soft and ready to face the day!

Decadent Crème Brulée or Invigorating Mint


See in shop: Basd coffee body scrub 

10. Ground Soap natural soaps - $ 9.99

Discover the natural soaps of Ground Soap. We offer a wide selection with suitable soaps for all skin types, there is something for everyone!


See in store: Ground Soap natural soaps

11. Makeup remover Skincare Gift Set - $ 32

Introduce a loved one to new products while encouraging local purchases with the Atelier Candide makeup removal gift set. In addition to offering quality products, you will encourage “zero waste” type purchases thanks to the 6 reusable makeup removal pads.

The makeup removal gift set contains: 6 washable makeup removal pads, 1 apricot kernel oil & 1 rose infused Konjac facial sponge

See in store: Makeup remover Skincare Gift Set 

12. BKIND Floral Pink Clay Face Mask  - $ 15.95

Floral Pink Clay Face Mask softens redness, evens skin tone and repairs damage, while leaving skin incredibly soft and glowing

With face masks having risen in popularity on social media over the past year, BKIND's Pink Clay Floral Mask is sure to please a loved one.

See in shop: Floral mask with pink clay by BKIND 

13. Wildcraft Bergamot and Rose Toner - $ 25

Bergamot & Rose Toner is designed to re-energize the skin and leave it with a healthy-looking appearance.

Used with a makeup remover pad, this formula will wash off any excess makeup or dust before moisturizing. As a spray, it will calm and prepare the skin for any serum or moisturizer. Easy to use and easy to incorporate into a beauty routine, Wildcraft tonic lotion is the perfect gift for someone wishing to discover new products!

See in store: Wildcraft Bergamot and Rose Toner

14. Culture Sauvage Hair Strengthening Serum - $ 27

Fortifying Hair Serum revitalizes, strengthens and promotes hair growth

Culture Sauvage hair serum is simply a gem for the hair. In addition to strengthening the scalp, it prevents hair loss and bleaching, activates hair growth and fights dandruff. Believe us, you will definitely make one happy!

See in store: Fortifying Serum for Wild Cultured Hair

15. Graydon Full Moon Serum - $ 87

The Full Moon Serum helps protect the natural beauty of the skin while against the signs of skin aging.

This serum suitable for all skin types is perfect for protecting the delicate skin of the face against daily pollutants in addition to calming inflammation of the skin.

Graydon's Full Moon Serum is a gem to give as a gift!

See in store: Graydon Full Moon Serum

16. Pravi- Eye Contour Cream $ 38

The fluid and nourishing eye cream is a must for firming and illuminating the eye area.

Hydration of the eyes is essential when it comes to maintaining youthful-looking skin, but unfortunately, many people neglect this treatment. Pravi's eye contour cream is hydrating, nourishing, firming, protective, softening and restorative, it will undoubtedly offer the desired effect!

See in shop: Pravi eye cream

17. Bamboo Case for Shampoo and Conditioner Bars BKIND - 18$

You don't have a gift idea? The bamboo case for Shampoo and Conditioner bars  is the ideal gift for anyone wishing to give their bathroom an eco-friendly look!

Even better, create a personalized set for your loved one by adding natural soap to it.

See in shop: BKIND Bamboo Case for Shampoo and Conditioner Bars BKIND

18. BKIND White Jade Face Roller - $ 44.95

The White Jade Roller for the Face relaxes muscles and tensions by offering a gentle massage. The cold stone helps reduce puffiness under the eyes as well as tighten the skin at the same time, while providing lymphatic drainage and better blood circulation.

See in shop: White Jade Roller for the face of BKIND

19. Graydon Face Glow Tinted primer - $ 38

Face Glow Tinted Base Cream balances discoloration and hyperpigmentation while allowing the skin to breathe.

The base cream can be used before foundation to even out skin tone and / or as a day cream for those not wearing foundation and wanting a subtle glow. The tinted base cream will certainly appeal to lovers of makeup.

See in shop: Graydon Face Glow Tinted Base Cream

20. Unwind Bath Soak Set  Belle & Candide- $ 25 or $ 60

An essential set for this winter. Ideal for your cocooning moments or for a well-being gift to a loved one.

It includes 1 Pink Berries & Spices tonic bath salt, 1 Eucalyptus, Mint relaxing bath salt and 1 Almond & Calendula neutral bath oil.

See in store: Belle & Candide Bath Salts Relaxation Set

 Extra: L'Atelier Candide gift card

Anytime is a good time to offer an L'atelier Candide gift card to a loved one! Let him choose his favorite products from our wide selection of personal care and well-being items.

See in store: L'Atelier Candide gift card

 We hope to have given you some original gift ideas!

We wish you a happy holiday season!


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