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November 06, 2020 2 min read

What if during this period of overconsumption we offered our loved ones a zero waste gift?

Discover below our suggestions for zero waste gifts available on our online store.

1. Shampoos and conditioners bars - between $ 15.95 and $ 22

 The trendy gift of the moment!

Reduce your ecological footprint one shampoo at a time! Easy to incorporate into a beauty routine, shampoo and conditioner bars are the perfect gifts to introduce a loved one to the world of natural and eco-responsible beauty.

Our favorite of the moment is the shampoo bar from BKIND


See in store: complete selection of shampoo bars

2. Omaïki round washable makeup remover pads - $ 14 or $ 22

A simple change in your routine that your skin and Mother Nature will thank you for!

Looking for a useful gift, makeup remover pads are definitely the perfect choice! Simply apply a makeup remover or micellar water to the tampon before removing your makeup. These tampons are also ideal for applying your tonic lotion!

The washable, round makeup remover pads are made in Canada with Canadian fabrics and are machine washable.

See in store: Omaiki washable makeup remover pads

3. BKIND bamboo soap dish- $ 12

You don't have a gift idea? The bamboo soap dish is the ideal gift for anyone wishing to give their bathroom an eco-friendly look!

Even better, create a personalized set for your loved one by adding natural soap to it.

 See in shop: Bkind Bamboo Soap Holder

4. Zero Waste Gift Set - $ 62

This magnificent Zero Waste Gift Set is a good starter kit to limit the use of plastic packaging in the bathroom.

Contains: Washable makeup remover pads (6) + Shampoo bar (1) + Konjac rose infused facial sponge (1) + Shea butter shaving bar (1) + Let me bee your honney soap (1)

 See in store: Zero-Waste Gift Set

5. BKIND's new Hand Balms - $ 24

For perfectly soft, smooth and young hands!

BKIND hand balms slow down the aging of the skin while improving its texture thanks to their nourishing, softening and repairing properties.

The packaging of BKIND Hand Balms are made from plastic collected from the edge of ocean shores. We love!

Mandarin & Grapefruit, Rosemary & Lemon, Balsam fir, pine and cedar, Rose & Geranium


See in store: Bkind Hand Balm Kit

We hope that our suggestions have been useful to you and that they will please someone around you during the holidays.

The Atelier Candide team wishes you a happy holiday season filled with sweetness!



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